Feyisara Eyiwumi Oni (PhD)

I’m a postdoc scientist in the field of microbial natural products, plant pathology and environmental microbiology.
I currently work at Ghent University, Belgium. I am also an adjunct Senior Lecturer at North West University, South Africa.
My core specialty is in the characterisation of Pseudomonas cyclic lipopeptides and their application in the biological control of plant pathogens.
My competencies include: structural characterization of cyclic lipopeptides from genome sequences, site-directed mutagenesis within Pseudomonas spp., biocontrol, molecular biology, microbiology, phytopathology and phylogenetic analyses.
My key interests are:
-natural products from bacteria, bacterial biotechnology, plant-microbe interactions, rhizosphere microbiology, microbial ecology, sustainable plant production & food security
-project planning and coordination
-leading teams

Besides supervising undergraduate students, I regularly attend conferences where I present research results and engage in networking. I am a strong believer in the integrated use of natural products-derived biologicals in agriculture. In my free time, I enjoy singing, writing opinion pieces, and reading (non)fiction books.